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健康明智 Healthy Choice
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Healthy Choice
Healthy Choice


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Healthy Choice

Healthy Choice

Healthy Choice
● 清蒸嘉美少爺雞
  Steamed Kamei Rooster

● 嘉美少爺雞絲粉皮
  Kameo Rooster Shreds with Bean Sheets

● 嘉美少爺雞醉雞
  Drunken Kamei Rooster

● 錦繡嘉美少爺雞柳釀竹笙
  Bamboo Fungus Stuffed with
  Kamei Rooster Shred

● 嘉美少爺石榴雞
  Kamei Rooster Wrap

● 菜膽上湯嘉美少爺雞
  Kamei Rooster with Vegetable Stalk
  and Stock

● 太白醉翁嘉美少爺雞
  Tai Pak Style Drunken Kamei Rooster

● 四川粉蒸嘉美少爺雞
  Kamei Rooster Steamed with
  Szechwan Rice Powder

● 香炸胭脂嘉美少爺雞
  Deep Fry Reddish Kamei Rooster

● 香草青胡椒炒龍鳯球 - 嘉美少爺雞
  Pen - Fried Kamei Rooster and Shrimp
  with Green Peppercom and Herbs

● 吉列香蕉嘉美少爺雞
  Kamei Rooster Cutlet with Banana

● 香葉糯米嘉美少爺雞
  Pandan Leaf Roll with Kamei Rooster
  Meat, Glutinous Rice

● 生煎嘉美少爺雞肉飽
  Pan - Fried Kamei Rooster Meat Bun

● 窈窕雞絲美菓沙律

● 四季腎消脂湯

● 藥膳龍井茶香康保少爺雞
  Smoked Honbo Rooster with
  Longjing Tea Leaf

● 椰青焗康保少爺雞
  Baked Honbo Rooster in
  Young Coconut

● 葡國康保少爺雞
  Portuguese Style Honbo Rooster

● 三杯康保少爺雞
  Stew Honbo Rooster with Cups
  of Sesame Oil Wine and Soy Sauce

● 辣子康保少爺雞丁
  Honbo Rooster Cubes with
  Hot Chili Sauce

● 人蔘康保少爺雞湯
  Fresh Ginseng & Honbo Rooster Soup

● 時果涼拌手撕康保少爺雞
  Fresh Fruit & Honbo Rooster
  Shred Salad

● 蒸神爽利雞

● 補氣補血八珍雞湯

● 鹽焗皇健少爺雞
  Roasted Wongkin Rooster in Salt Crust

● 寶玉鹽焗皇健少爺雞
  Roast Salty Wongkin Rooster